Omise SDK Needs Improvement

I’ve been using Omise 3DS for both android and IOS for ~2 years now, and there are still issues that need to be resolved. From talking to the support, I was told that the issue with 3DS has to do with the Bank 3DS v1, but there are still areas where Omise itself could fix:

-Transaction flow should be asynchronous, where the status of the charge is completed and known by the time the 3DS verification process is completed. Rather than Return URI, card status should be returned.
-Webhook for native apps is not very practical: the status from the webhook takes ~100 milliseconds to update and isnt updated by the time the 3DS process is completed, so we have to implement a delay in calling for the status, which defeats the purpose of the entire webhook as it’s simply more efficient to manually check the status of the charge ID.

Rather than having developers work around Omise’s issues, it would be nice if Omise improved its 3DS process. I’m sure other developers would also appreciate it. Thanks.

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Dear bae99e40bae9eb2307e,

At first, Thank you for your advice and for using Omise SDK.
We understand that you got an inconvenience about the process of 3DS v1.

Currently, we are working on it and implement the Omise SDK new version that supports 3DS v2 for our customers.

For the new version, our target for the 3DS process is built for mobile-first to offer a “native” authentication flow, no more browser redirection, latency reduction, less abandonment, make you building an in-app authentication flow and the best part is “frictionless authentication flow”.

We’re excited and working hard for the improvements in customer experience.
I hope it has been helpful to you.

Thank you :omise:

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That sounds great, and it would make everything much more convenient.

Could you kindly provide an estimated date that this will be available?

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Dear John,
Estimation time is harder, I don’t want to give a promise to you.
I hope we will finish the new version this year.

Thank you :omise:

Thanks for your honest feedback.

Well,if it’s going to take that long to make an update, could Omise please consider upgrading their current framework before then. Since you also acknowledge its limitations, which is a step in the right direction and the only time someone at Omise has ever admitted so, it would be great if you and your team could kindly make the improvements to the existing framework.

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