List all cards from customer doesn't list "all cards"


List all cards api (python)

import omise
omise.api_secret = 'skey_test_4xs8breq3htbkj03d2x’
customer = omise.Customer.retrieve(“cust_test_4xsjvylia03ur542vn6”)
cards =

This doesn’t list “all cards”, there are just 20 limits.

How can I list all cards if customer has over 20+ cards?

Thank you


and also that is why I can’t retrieve a card that is not in the first list, so “Retrieve card API” will not get a card which not in the first 20 list from this code.

customer = omise.Customer.retrieve(‘cust_test_4xsjvylia03ur542vn6’)
card =‘card_test_4xsjw0t21xaxnuzi9gs’)


@icoon really sorry for inconvenient, we will release a new version within this week to fix all of these problems.

stay tuned


@icoon I’m sorry to inform you maybe this task would take a bit longer due to some accident from a developer who in charge of this issue, I will inform you when we finish this task.


Hello, any progress on this ticket?


Hi @pmlo-sirisak,

sorry for the late reply.
We fixed the issue already (at this pull request,
However, the solution has not been released yet as we also discovered another unrelated issue that we would like to improve it first (about data-caching topic).

Thank you for following up the issue, we will work and release it as soon as we finish the caching issue.
And we apologize for the wait.