How much Fee for immediate refund



If merchant created a charge with 300, then refund 100 immediately,
Omise still take the transaction fee for 300 or return the fee for that 100?


Hi @apirak

Omise returns fee in case that merchant do full refund for the charge, within voidable period 24 hrs and bank successfully void the transaction (which depends on each bank’s cutoff time).

So, in this case, merchant won’t get fee back since the charge was partially refunded.


This means if I do full refund immediately. Omise will not charge any fee for my transaction :heart:


Can’t be 100% sure that the charge will get voided and merchant will get fee back.

For example, this case, merchant won’t get fee back, let say if bank’s cutoff time is 03:00 . The charge is created at 02:59:59, then it is full refunded immediately but at 03:00:01 , merchant won’t get fee back since it’s already pass bank’s cutoff time.

Please note that Omise is not the one who reject void request but bank. And Omise doesn’t know what time is the bank cutoff time.