How could I assign default to new recipient



My company has been changing bank account for transfer money. What I did now is

  • create new Recipient and
  • inactive the current one.

But I don’t know how to switch the Default to new Recipient and Is it possible to delete the inactive one?


The Default Recipient cannot be changed or deleted as the current design assumes the Recipient is an owner … and owners cannot be changed.

However, you can always change the bank account attached to any of your recipients, including your default recipient.

Although the current design of the Omise dashboard doesn’t show which recipient is your default, but you can always check from the Created date. The oldest one created is your default recipient. (Don’t use description as a reference.)

To change the Bank Account for a recipient, go to the Recipient menu on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Select the recipient you want to make changes to, and click on Action > Edit

You’re done :wink: no need to wait for approvals.